NewGen Solutions:
Benefits of clean energy...
with meaningful reduction in your total energy costs

The NewGen solution is ideal for companies and institutions that require a reliable source of energy (power, heat & steam) and that have a desire to reduce their carbon footprint by using renewable energy.  Target clients include Coffee & Tea Plantations, Schools, Factories / Mills, and Office Buildings.

NewGen provides clients with an end-to-end, turnkey, solution. We take on the technical risks and the up-front costs of setting up a clean energy generation system at our client's site.  The clients are able to consume the energy produced – without any capital investment – at prices that are competitive to existing retail energy rates.

Clients are able to reduce annual expenditure on energy with a consistent and reliable source of power.  They continue to focus on their core businesses without having to deal with the distractions and challenges associated with managing a quality power generation operation.

Key Benefits:

Our clients are able to enjoy access to reliable and cost effective source of power while also helping the world at large by producing and using clean energy.

  • No capital investment in going "Green"

  • Significant reduction in overall energy costs

  • Turnkey, plug-n-play, solution

  • Rapid time to market - minimal operational disruption

  • No technical risks

The NewGen Process:

NewGen provides an end-to-end turnkey solution that includes design, feasibility, licensing, setup, testing, operations and maintenance of the power plant at the client's site.  Our process includes:
  • Custom study of the client’s demand for energy (Power, Heat, and Steam) and planned future growth
  • Review of available renewable energy resources
  • Design of a customised and optimal solution for the client 
  • Acquisition of all equipment / machinery, installation, testing, operations and maintenance of the power generation plant at the client’s site
  • Approvals from required regulatory bodies

NewGen operates the plant and supplies the energy to the client so that the clients can concentrate on their core businesses.  Clients are able to benefit from peak efficiency as the energy plant is designed to suit their unique requirements – as such there is no wastage.

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